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Bridesmaid dress with Miss Dress Shop

Hello girls, how are you? Yesterday began the sales and the day at work was heavy. This morning I have some free time and I decided to dream a little bit with you. As you know, these days I 'm having a look at the wedding dresses on the site Miss Dress Shop.

On this site you can buy some wedding dress and bridesmaid dress. It is not always easy to buy online because you do not know how a dress can fit on you. This time there will be no problem! 

Miss Dress Shop has created a series of guide:
- measuring guide
- size chart
- color chart

Here I want to show you some Bridesmaid Dresses that you can buy in a simple way! Let's take a look:

It is a strapless Satin Chiffon Floor-length dress perfect for all mediterranean girls. In my opinion, it's ideal for a tanned skin and a bright makeup. Silver is the right choise! For this reason, I propose to match this dress with a pair of silver and high shoes. 

Price: 68.54 $

This dress is 66.6 %, a very occasion!

The open back is really sexy. I love this kind of dress and I think that might be suitable for a young girl. This dress is to wear to an evening wedding or a prom event. Usually the long dresses are not suitable for weddings that take place during the day but this is not a rule!

Let's see my second choise:

It is a heath/column sweetheart Satin Short/Mini Ruffles dress. I think that the black color is not suitable for a wedding. I recommend this dress for a romantic evening or for a drink with friends. Black is an elegant color. I matched this dress with a pair of black shoes with high heels. A smokey eyes and red lipstick would be perfect!

Price: 59.26 $

This dress is 67% off!

The sweetheart neckline of this dress will conquist any man. I find it really sexy and short at the right point. This dress is suitable for both young girls and older women.

Let's see the third choise:

I chose this dress because it's very similar to what I had at the wedding of my sister in law. I love pink and I love the cut of this dress.

Price: 55.89 $

This dress is 66% off!

This dress is very elegant especially if we match with a necklace like the one in the pic. I think even the accessories should be pink. A pair of brown shoes are perfect!

Don't forget to visit Miss Dress Shop for more wedding dresses!

Which is your favorite wedding dress?
A kiss for you!

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  2. Bellissimi questi vestiti quasi verrebbe voglia di risposarsi ! grazie per le informazioni andrò a visitare di corsa il sito

  3. Stupendi questi capi eleganti e alla moda davvero divini da indossare nelle occasioni importanti, ne terrò conto in vista di cerimonie nei prossimi mesi.

  4. Questi vestiti hanno tutto ciò che mi piace: chic ma semplici, soprattutto bellissimii

  5. Questi abiti piacciono molto a mia nipote, spera un giorno di poterli indossare :) grazie mille

  6. wooow ha degli abiti stupendi questo sito, sogno con la fantasia solo a guardarli ahahaha

  7. Bellissimi, soprattutto quello color cipria!

  8. favoloso questo sito! Ci sono dei vestiti bellissimi che vorrei proprio avere

  9. Molto belli ed orginali questi abiti che ci proponi,per un look semplice ma ricercato

  10. bellissimi abiti, molto eleganti e sembrano anche comodi

  11. These dresses are really pretty :-D

  12. So beautiful dresses, love them very much.


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