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Hi girls, how are you? I was sick and I could not write on my blog. Today I feel better and so here I am. The shoes are never enough. Each of us would like to have a pair for every event. A pair of shoes with the high heel for a romantic dinner. A comfortable pair for life everyday. A pair with a medium heel for a walk downtown.

Every time I step in front of a shoe store, I would buy them all. Does it happen also to you? come true the dream of every woman to have a closet full of shoes. On this site there are fabulous shoes with affordable prices.

In this post I want to show the shoes that have impressed me:

Every woman should have this pair of shoes. It is the quintessential of the shoes. It is the shoe that makes you a sexy girl. Of course you have to be accustomed to using the shoes with high heels. There is always the first time and this is a critical step in the life of every woman. What are you looking for? You have to be sexy for yourself!

When could I wear them?
This pair is perfect for a romantic dinner with your boyfriend or for night out with friends. I wear with a little black dress or with a skinny jeans.

Price: 32.09 $

Here is my second proposal:

I chose this pair of shoes thinking about the end of the year. Often it is difficult to find a suitable pair of shoes. In the shops you will find many awful red shoes. I think the last night of the year every woman must be sexy but with style. Here is my proposal: a pair of shoes elegant but bright. 

It 's important to shine the last night of the year.

Price: 68.49 $

Here is my third proposal:

I love the boots. These are my favorites. They are simple and cute at the same time. I do not like the shoes too flashy and so here's the perfect pair for me.

When could I wear them?
This pair is perfect for a causal job interview. I wear them with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a white shirt. I love the combination black&white during a job interview. The buckles of these shoes are special so I recommend not to exceed with the accessories. I think a pair of pearl earrings is perfect.

Price: 48.89 $
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Here is my fourth proposal:

What's the temperature in your country? Are you looking for snow boots? Click here for amazing proms. Here it's cold and then it is time to show a pair of boots. I chose this couple because it adapts to any outfit. I love the color brown in winter.

When could I wear them?
This pair of shoes is perfect for a walk downtown . The low heel allows long walks. In winter it is important to be comfortable and have your feet warm. I would love to wear these boots with a dress in shades of blue with some gold decoration. A pair of gold earrings complete the look

Price: 61.29 $

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