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Curtains collection & Kids Curtains on

Hi girls, how are you? These days it is really cold. The windows of my house are always cold and I do not know how to do. I wish I could heat my house giving it a touch of color.

I then thought about buying a pair of curtains. Often I see color curtains off and sad. For my house I would like something cheerful. Wandering on the web, I found a really interesting site called CtwoTop

In this site there are lots of colorful curtains. There really are spoiled for choice. You will lose yourself among the thousand colors and a thousand fantasies!

You can chose between:
- Curtains collection
- Country curtains
- Kids curtains
- Blackout curtains
- Shower curtains

The problem of when you order online is the length but you will not have this problem on this site! I love that size of curtains can be customized! If you have a pole, measure the distance between the finials (the decorative baubles at the end of a pole). If you have a track, measure the total length of the track.

Here you can find how to measure the curtain lenght:

In this post I want to show you my favorite curtains:

This is a beige and red luxury curtain. I think that this curtain is perfect for the living room. It's important to have light in this room of the house. The beige color of this curtain makes the house bright and friendly. The floral drawing makes your home relaxing and really cute.

Price: 69.99 $ (60% off)
Care instruction: machine wash
Coupon: $3 (code: likectwotop)

You can select:
- top construction: metal hook top, grommet top or rod pocket heading (+ 5.00 $)
- sizes: from 84W*63"L to 144W*96"L
- sheers

The flowers make me think of family love! Fabulous printing crafts make your home unique and vivid.

My second choise is:

This is a navy star curtain. I chose this product because I like stars and they make me think about night and dreams! Watching this curtain I get lost among the stars. It's nice to dream even when you are no longer a children. I think it's important and it makes life better. 

I find this tent perfect for a bedroom. I think it is more suitable for a girl. This style is romantic and classic at the same time. 

Price: 49.99 $
Care instruction: do not bleach
Coupon: $3 (code: likectwotop)

I love the metal hooks! Silver and blue colors perfectly match each other. 

Here is my third choise:

This is a green curtain that I chose between the "Contry Curtains" that you can find on this site. I chose this one because the green color is my favorite ever! Every detail is well made and designed. 

This curtain makes me think about a country house and a living room. This is perfect for my grandma home. She had a house in the country and when I was a kid I was always there. How many memories!

Price: 60.99 $
Care instruction: do not bleach
Coupon: $3 (code: likectwotop)

The buttons on this curtain are really cute and the light green color match perfectly. These buttons make the product really special and unique.

Don't forget to visit for more curtains! 

Which curtain do you like?
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