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Amazing dresses on

Hi girls, here is the second blogpost of today. I was reflecting on the fact that I don't have a dress for the wedding of my friend. I'll be her bridesmaid. There are still several months but I think it is better to move now to look for a dress. This time I do not want to arrive at the last moment. The site can help me.

On this website you can find many beautiful bridesmaid dresses UK that are suitable for everyone. In this post I decided to pick some:

This dress made ​​me fall in love immediately. I love the combination pink&black . At the wedding of my sister in law had a dress like that. I'm sure that I would be fine. Obviously the guests was different . I would never use a dress like that if there were the same people. As you know, it is crucial to have a different outfit for every wedding. 

I love the bow on the dress. It makes the dress fun and youthful . It's perfect to me! I would wear a pair of black shoes. This color is already present and we use it for the shoes and the bag!

Price: 80.64 $

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Here is the second dress that I chose for you:

This is a chiffon prom dress that is perfect for every girl, available in many colors. I chose this one because it is my favorite color. I love chiffon ​​and I think it's perfect for a wedding celebrated in the late afternoon. The long dresses are in fact the most suitable for this type of wedding.

Price: 139.99 $

This is the complete outfit:

I chose some accessories full of light. Even the bridesmaids should shine.I love the couple blue&silver. I think they are perfect together. I noticed that are the perfect colors for me! These colors are also suitable for blondie girls with fair skin .

Here you can find the products:

Here is the last one:

This empire sweetheart chiffon dress is really amazing. The color of this dress is suitable for younger girls. I find it tasty and fun. I love the sweetheart neckline. It makes so sexy every woman. I find that it is more suited to those girls with more breast. In fact, it enhances it and illuminates it. 

Price: 147.29 $

Let's see my outfit:

For this outfit I decided to match black accessories. I want to dispel the tradition. I know that black is not always appropriate to the wedding but I think that this is true only for the dresses. Nothing prevents you to have accessories in shades of black. 

Here is a fabulous pair of shoes with high heels . Do not worry, it will have a good plateau and your feet will be fine. Obviously I decided to combine a black bag. I focused on accessories with points of light because there is a similar decoration on this dress. 

On these link you can find:

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