lunedì, dicembre 22

Amazing cover on

Hi girls, how are you? Christmas Day is coming and I have to work a lot. I'm so tired that I prefer to rest at home. I think it is always nice to make a gift to the people we love. Don't you have time to go shopping? Make a order online. A few weeks ago I found Snapmade.

On this site you can create some customized gifts. You can insert your image and will stamp it on your favorite material.

You can choose between:
- custom t-shirt
- pillow
- custom phone cases
- candles
- magnets
- aprons
- plates

If you click on "Create", you can see the complete list:

I think it's amazing to have the chance to make a personalized gift. The gift will be unique and special!! It is for this reason that I decided to make a gift to my boyfriend. He has everything he wants but he has never had a customized cover.

My boyfriend is a huge fan of the pc game called "DayZ", a game of zombies. So I decided to give him something inherent in this game.

I chose a cover and a T-shirt with the logo of the game. In this post I want to show the cover for his iphone 4S:

As you can see in the pics, I chose a silicon inner hard case. The price is 13.99 $ and I think that the material is very durable and the cover is really cute. The keys are perfect and hard to the right point.

Here you can find the direct link:

Here is the logo! Doesn't it amazing? My boyfriend was pleasantly surprised by the image. It's really perfect and well printed!!

The cover arrived at my home after 4 working days!

Here's how to order on this website:
1) click on "Create" and chose your phone case
2) then chose the material of your case: I chose silicon inner hard case and I think it's the best ever!
3) now you have to upload your favorite image:

4) you can chose the case color, rotate and readapt your image as you want
5) click on "Add to cart" and chose the payment (Paypal ad example) and shipping metod

As you can see , make an order on this site is really simple. I think it's a really nice Christmas gift idea. Finally he has something special!

Don't forget to visit for more ideas!