lunedì, dicembre 29

A fairytale wedding on Missdressshop

Hi girls, how are you? These days have been very challenging and tiring for me. Today is my day off and I want to dedicate it to my blog. During the Christmas holidays I met the sister of my boyfriend who she has just married. She had a beautiful dress and I 've always wondered me how it would be my wedding dress. Here I am with you to dream of a fairytale wedding and I chose Miss dress shop.

Here you can find some bridesmaid dresses for a lovely wedding. Every girl should feel like a princess!

It is not always easy to buy online because you do not know how a dress can fit on you. This time there will be no problem! Miss Dress Shop has created a series of guide:
- measuring guide
- size chart
- color chart

in order to make easier to purchase online. Here you can find the measuring guide:

In this post I want to show you some Wedding Dresses UK and in the next post I'll show you some cheap bridesmaid dresses that you can buy on this amazing site. 

Let's see my first propose:

This is a sweetheart organza satin wedding dresses and this is 67 % off! I think it's a wonderful opportunity to wear a fabulous dress like this one. The sweetheart neckline makes it really sexy.

The decorations of the bodice make this dress very bright. I'm sure many of you would love too! The decorations on the skirt make this dress really unique! I find it suitable for all the girls who have a breast important and want to enhance it. With a proper bra even those who have little breast will be special!

Price: 215.63 €

My second choise is this one:

This is a strapless lace satin. I love the embroidery on this dress and I find that they are very romantic. The belt under the bust refines the body and gives shine to a simple dress like this. 

The wide skirt makes it perfect for all those women who want to hide their extra pounds.
I chose a dress with a short trawling because I think it is necessary to be comfortable on the wedding day. 

Price: 191.55 € 

My last one choise is:

This is a tulle satin dress. I chose this dress for all those women who love traditions. I think it's a dress very chaste and not suitable for those who dare. Not all are equal!

The bodice of this dress is very elegant and refined. I find it is a dress of the 1950 even if the skirt is too short for that period!

Price: 155.41 €

Don't forget to visit Miss Dress Shop for more wedding dresses!

Which is your favorite wedding dress?
A kiss for you!

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lunedì, dicembre 22

Curtains collection & Kids Curtains on

Hi girls, how are you? These days it is really cold. The windows of my house are always cold and I do not know how to do. I wish I could heat my house giving it a touch of color.

I then thought about buying a pair of curtains. Often I see color curtains off and sad. For my house I would like something cheerful. Wandering on the web, I found a really interesting site called CtwoTop

In this site there are lots of colorful curtains. There really are spoiled for choice. You will lose yourself among the thousand colors and a thousand fantasies!

You can chose between:
- Curtains collection
- Country curtains
- Kids curtains
- Blackout curtains
- Shower curtains

The problem of when you order online is the length but you will not have this problem on this site! I love that size of curtains can be customized! If you have a pole, measure the distance between the finials (the decorative baubles at the end of a pole). If you have a track, measure the total length of the track.

Here you can find how to measure the curtain lenght:

In this post I want to show you my favorite curtains:

This is a beige and red luxury curtain. I think that this curtain is perfect for the living room. It's important to have light in this room of the house. The beige color of this curtain makes the house bright and friendly. The floral drawing makes your home relaxing and really cute.

Price: 69.99 $ (60% off)
Care instruction: machine wash
Coupon: $3 (code: likectwotop)

You can select:
- top construction: metal hook top, grommet top or rod pocket heading (+ 5.00 $)
- sizes: from 84W*63"L to 144W*96"L
- sheers

The flowers make me think of family love! Fabulous printing crafts make your home unique and vivid.

My second choise is:

This is a navy star curtain. I chose this product because I like stars and they make me think about night and dreams! Watching this curtain I get lost among the stars. It's nice to dream even when you are no longer a children. I think it's important and it makes life better. 

I find this tent perfect for a bedroom. I think it is more suitable for a girl. This style is romantic and classic at the same time. 

Price: 49.99 $
Care instruction: do not bleach
Coupon: $3 (code: likectwotop)

I love the metal hooks! Silver and blue colors perfectly match each other. 

Here is my third choise:

This is a green curtain that I chose between the "Contry Curtains" that you can find on this site. I chose this one because the green color is my favorite ever! Every detail is well made and designed. 

This curtain makes me think about a country house and a living room. This is perfect for my grandma home. She had a house in the country and when I was a kid I was always there. How many memories!

Price: 60.99 $
Care instruction: do not bleach
Coupon: $3 (code: likectwotop)

The buttons on this curtain are really cute and the light green color match perfectly. These buttons make the product really special and unique.

Don't forget to visit for more curtains! 

Which curtain do you like?
A kiss

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Amazing cover on

Hi girls, how are you? Christmas Day is coming and I have to work a lot. I'm so tired that I prefer to rest at home. I think it is always nice to make a gift to the people we love. Don't you have time to go shopping? Make a order online. A few weeks ago I found Snapmade.

On this site you can create some customized gifts. You can insert your image and will stamp it on your favorite material.

You can choose between:
- custom t-shirt
- pillow
- custom phone cases
- candles
- magnets
- aprons
- plates

If you click on "Create", you can see the complete list:

I think it's amazing to have the chance to make a personalized gift. The gift will be unique and special!! It is for this reason that I decided to make a gift to my boyfriend. He has everything he wants but he has never had a customized cover.

My boyfriend is a huge fan of the pc game called "DayZ", a game of zombies. So I decided to give him something inherent in this game.

I chose a cover and a T-shirt with the logo of the game. In this post I want to show the cover for his iphone 4S:

As you can see in the pics, I chose a silicon inner hard case. The price is 13.99 $ and I think that the material is very durable and the cover is really cute. The keys are perfect and hard to the right point.

Here you can find the direct link:

Here is the logo! Doesn't it amazing? My boyfriend was pleasantly surprised by the image. It's really perfect and well printed!!

The cover arrived at my home after 4 working days!

Here's how to order on this website:
1) click on "Create" and chose your phone case
2) then chose the material of your case: I chose silicon inner hard case and I think it's the best ever!
3) now you have to upload your favorite image:

4) you can chose the case color, rotate and readapt your image as you want
5) click on "Add to cart" and chose the payment (Paypal ad example) and shipping metod

As you can see , make an order on this site is really simple. I think it's a really nice Christmas gift idea. Finally he has something special!

Don't forget to visit for more ideas!

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mercoledì, dicembre 10

Change you hairstyle with CC Hair Extensions

Hi girls, how are you? Christmas is coming and I want to change my hairstyle. Often I don't know how to cut my hair. I haven't a trusted hairdresser. For me it is a problem to cut hair and I'm always afraid about the final result. I think it's the problem of every woman. Even my friends are afraid that the hairdresser cuts their hair too much. I fear the opposite.

I fear that he cut them too little. I love change my haircut but I have no money. I would go to the hairdresser once a month. Unfortunately this isn't possible . I decided to find another solution.

A great idea is to take a look at a site that I discovered recently Clip in hair extensions

On this site you can find extensions divided by category. You can shop by:
- weight
- lenght
- texture
- color

I think this division is useful for all the girls who have unclear ideas on the extensions. You can find also hair weave extensions, micro loop, bonded hair, tape hair, closure and accessories.

In this post I want to show you a series of products:

These are natural black extensions. Many times black girls can not untangle their hair. Their hair is frizzy and it is difficult to have a beautiful hairstyle. With these extensions we solve the problem. 

It only takes a few minutes to be perfect. These extensions are smooth and therefore do not need to use the straighteners. I think it's a great way to not damage your hair.

Price: 119.99 $

Here is my second propose:

This product is suitable for all blondes. Nothing prevents, however, to be worn by girls with brown hair. How many times have we wanted to dye the hair? 

Often we haven't the courage to do this thing. Often we don't know from which hairdressers go.This is a great way to avoid dye your hair and have heathy hair. 

Price: 55.95 $

Here is my third propose:

This is 16 inch Dark Auburn (#33) U tip Hair Extensions. This product is perfect for girls with red hair. I think it's a great color difficult to achieve with a tinted hair. The color is bright and perfect.

I love the hair bang because I think that enlighten the eyes of a girl. I kept it for a long time but each time was a problem. I never knew how to cut it and go to the hairdresser for the bangs seemed me a waist of time. 

Here's a great way to have a perfect bangs and a beautiful hair color.

Price: 55.95 $

Here is my last propose:

This natural black extension is perfect for every girl that wants straight hair. I am obsessed with the straightener. I love to have hair always smooth and I use it every day. I am aware that I should avoid but I can't do it. 

These extensions are perfect for me. In this pic you can see how extensions are:

Price: 89.99$

Here you can find a video

Don't forget to visit for more clip in hair extensions!
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giovedì, dicembre 4

Do you know ?

Hello girls , how are you? Today I received a wonderful news about my work. I'm too happy. Today I want to dedicate a bit of my time to this blog before going to sleep. The New Year is coming and I haven't thought about my dress.

In this post I will show you some Dama Quinceanera Dresses that are suitable for everyone. In this post I decided to pick some:

The dress is made of chiffon. It has a sweetheart neckline that is very sexy. As you can see in the pic, it's very short, just as I like it. I think it's perfect for a night in the disco. The glitter on the chest are amazing for the last day of the year. Bare legs are the way to conquer every man. I think every woman should enhance her body. It's, however, important not to be vulgar. I recommend that you wear a pair of black shoes with a heel not too high.

You can wear this kind of dress for a summer evening. It would be nice to wear this dress to dance in a disco by the sea, maybe to Ibiza. In this case, it would be better to wear a pair of sandals with a low heel in order to be comfortable on the beach.

Price: 132.59 $

Here is my second choise:

The dress is a strapless A-line Organza Short/Mini Crystal. I chose the green color because it is the color of hope. It's a color that usually brings me luck. I love this dress because the bodice is embellished with a series of stones. I find that these stones enhance the chest. Since it is the dominant green color, I think this dress is more suited to a girl with blonde hair and a fair skin. 

I would wear this dress with a pair of white shoes with high heels. As regards the bag, I would opt for a white clutch matched to the shoes. I decided to stay on the white because that it is the color of the bodice. Accessories must be sober because this dress is really bright. 

Price: 123.19 $

Here is my third choise:

The dress is Halter Empire Chiffon Short/Mini Beading. I chose this peach color because I find it really romantic. I think it's perfect for all those girls who want to be sexy and cute at the same time. 
It's important to keep the purity even when we are adults. As you know I don't like the vulgar clothes and so I prefer a dress like this one. It's perfect for me and I love this bodice. I find really sexy. The stones of the bodice create a play of light really nice. It seems to me to see some drawn flowers.

I would wear this dress with a pair of silver sandals. In this way, the shoes have the same color of the bodice. Even the bag must be the same color!

Price: 118.49 $

Here is my fourth choise:

I chose this dress because I love this kind of dress with one shoulder. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the body of a woman. I think this dress is elegant and very sensual. 

It would be perfect for a romantic dinner in a restaurant by the sea. I imagine an evening candlelight with your boyfriend or husband. With this dress I would wear a pair of black shoes with high heels. A heel of 12 cm would be perfect although personally I would find hard to walk on it. Obviously a black clutch is a must.

Price: 146.99$

Don't forget to visit for more dresses!

What is your favorite outfit?
 A kiss
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lunedì, dicembre 1

Amazing dresses on

Hi girls, here is the second blogpost of today. I was reflecting on the fact that I don't have a dress for the wedding of my friend. I'll be her bridesmaid. There are still several months but I think it is better to move now to look for a dress. This time I do not want to arrive at the last moment. The site can help me.

On this website you can find many beautiful bridesmaid dresses UK that are suitable for everyone. In this post I decided to pick some:

This dress made ​​me fall in love immediately. I love the combination pink&black . At the wedding of my sister in law had a dress like that. I'm sure that I would be fine. Obviously the guests was different . I would never use a dress like that if there were the same people. As you know, it is crucial to have a different outfit for every wedding. 

I love the bow on the dress. It makes the dress fun and youthful . It's perfect to me! I would wear a pair of black shoes. This color is already present and we use it for the shoes and the bag!

Price: 80.64 $

Check this link for more cheap bridesmaid dresses:

Here is the second dress that I chose for you:

This is a chiffon prom dress that is perfect for every girl, available in many colors. I chose this one because it is my favorite color. I love chiffon ​​and I think it's perfect for a wedding celebrated in the late afternoon. The long dresses are in fact the most suitable for this type of wedding.

Price: 139.99 $

This is the complete outfit:

I chose some accessories full of light. Even the bridesmaids should shine.I love the couple blue&silver. I think they are perfect together. I noticed that are the perfect colors for me! These colors are also suitable for blondie girls with fair skin .

Here you can find the products:

Here is the last one:

This empire sweetheart chiffon dress is really amazing. The color of this dress is suitable for younger girls. I find it tasty and fun. I love the sweetheart neckline. It makes so sexy every woman. I find that it is more suited to those girls with more breast. In fact, it enhances it and illuminates it. 

Price: 147.29 $

Let's see my outfit:

For this outfit I decided to match black accessories. I want to dispel the tradition. I know that black is not always appropriate to the wedding but I think that this is true only for the dresses. Nothing prevents you to have accessories in shades of black. 

Here is a fabulous pair of shoes with high heels . Do not worry, it will have a good plateau and your feet will be fine. Obviously I decided to combine a black bag. I focused on accessories with points of light because there is a similar decoration on this dress. 

On these link you can find:

Don't forget to visit for more wedding dresses!
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My wishlist on

Hi girls, how are you? I was sick and I could not write on my blog. Today I feel better and so here I am. The shoes are never enough. Each of us would like to have a pair for every event. A pair of shoes with the high heel for a romantic dinner. A comfortable pair for life everyday. A pair with a medium heel for a walk downtown.

Every time I step in front of a shoe store, I would buy them all. Does it happen also to you? come true the dream of every woman to have a closet full of shoes. On this site there are fabulous shoes with affordable prices.

In this post I want to show the shoes that have impressed me:

Every woman should have this pair of shoes. It is the quintessential of the shoes. It is the shoe that makes you a sexy girl. Of course you have to be accustomed to using the shoes with high heels. There is always the first time and this is a critical step in the life of every woman. What are you looking for? You have to be sexy for yourself!

When could I wear them?
This pair is perfect for a romantic dinner with your boyfriend or for night out with friends. I wear with a little black dress or with a skinny jeans.

Price: 32.09 $

Here is my second proposal:

I chose this pair of shoes thinking about the end of the year. Often it is difficult to find a suitable pair of shoes. In the shops you will find many awful red shoes. I think the last night of the year every woman must be sexy but with style. Here is my proposal: a pair of shoes elegant but bright. 

It 's important to shine the last night of the year.

Price: 68.49 $

Here is my third proposal:

I love the boots. These are my favorites. They are simple and cute at the same time. I do not like the shoes too flashy and so here's the perfect pair for me.

When could I wear them?
This pair is perfect for a causal job interview. I wear them with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a white shirt. I love the combination black&white during a job interview. The buckles of these shoes are special so I recommend not to exceed with the accessories. I think a pair of pearl earrings is perfect.

Price: 48.89 $
Click here for more high heel boots

Here is my fourth proposal:

What's the temperature in your country? Are you looking for snow boots? Click here for amazing proms. Here it's cold and then it is time to show a pair of boots. I chose this couple because it adapts to any outfit. I love the color brown in winter.

When could I wear them?
This pair of shoes is perfect for a walk downtown . The low heel allows long walks. In winter it is important to be comfortable and have your feet warm. I would love to wear these boots with a dress in shades of blue with some gold decoration. A pair of gold earrings complete the look

Price: 61.29 $

Don't forget to visit for great and affordable fashion finds!

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