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My wishlist on Tidestore

Hi friends, how are you? I finally found a job. Tomorrow I start working. I can't wait! In the meantime, let me show you some interesting deals Tidestore.

I love this site because on Tidestore you can buy some products:
- dresses
- shoes
- bags
- lingerie
- accessories
- swimwear

I love that from 20th November to 25th Novembre on Tidestore you can find 10% off on all orders. Why is there this offer? The site has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with their customers.

Click on this link for more information:

In this post I want to show you what you can buy on Tidestore. The products that I will show you are not discounted. I personally chose some dresses and shoes that I like the most. Let's take a look:

This dress costs only 16.09 $ and the size are from S to L. On Tidestore you can find the inches of each dress. I think it's important to buy online.

When I could wear it?
I think it's perfect for a romantic dinner. The lace is very pretty and gives sensuality. This dress would be cute paired with a clutch and a pair of shoes with high heels. This is my idea:

The shoes on tidestore are really nice and I recommend you take a look. Check this link for more shoes:

An outfit like this one needs accessories. So I decided to show you this bracelet because I think it's really nice:

I loved it so much. It is perfect with the shoes that I have chosen for you!

The final prices for this outifit are:
- dress: 16.09 USD
- shoes: 73.99 USD
- clutch: 16.19 USD
- bracelet: 16.19 USD

Overall I think it is an expensive outfit . The shoes are the most expensive product but I think it's important to have good shoes.

After having proposed an elegant outfit, I want to show you something easier:

When I could wear it?
I chose this sweater because I find it suitable for everyday. It's ideal for a ride downtown with some friends. For this outfit I decided to combine the skinny jeans. I love this kind of jeans. I think they rushe the figure.

Then I chose a brown shoulder bag. When I'm walking in the city I don't like the handbags. I think this kind of bag is uncomfortable. I prefer to have both hands free so I can go shopping!
For this outfit I wish wear a blue bracelet. I love blue and brown together! Blue is my favorite colour.

The final prices for this outifit is:
- sweater: 16. 99 USD
- jeans: 18.99 USD
- shoulder bag: 8.09 USD
- bracelet: 33.69 USD

This outfit is half of the previous one. Of course it is suitable for every day and I think it's very affordable!

If you need some extra information about all these beautiful products just visit

Which outfit do you like?
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