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My wishlist on Tidestore

Hi friends, how are you? I finally found a job. Tomorrow I start working. I can't wait! In the meantime, let me show you some interesting deals Tidestore.

I love this site because on Tidestore you can buy some products:
- dresses
- shoes
- bags
- lingerie
- accessories
- swimwear

I love that from 20th November to 25th Novembre on Tidestore you can find 10% off on all orders. Why is there this offer? The site has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with their customers.

Click on this link for more information:

In this post I want to show you what you can buy on Tidestore. The products that I will show you are not discounted. I personally chose some dresses and shoes that I like the most. Let's take a look:

This dress costs only 16.09 $ and the size are from S to L. On Tidestore you can find the inches of each dress. I think it's important to buy online.

When I could wear it?
I think it's perfect for a romantic dinner. The lace is very pretty and gives sensuality. This dress would be cute paired with a clutch and a pair of shoes with high heels. This is my idea:

The shoes on tidestore are really nice and I recommend you take a look. Check this link for more shoes:

An outfit like this one needs accessories. So I decided to show you this bracelet because I think it's really nice:

I loved it so much. It is perfect with the shoes that I have chosen for you!

The final prices for this outifit are:
- dress: 16.09 USD
- shoes: 73.99 USD
- clutch: 16.19 USD
- bracelet: 16.19 USD

Overall I think it is an expensive outfit . The shoes are the most expensive product but I think it's important to have good shoes.

After having proposed an elegant outfit, I want to show you something easier:

When I could wear it?
I chose this sweater because I find it suitable for everyday. It's ideal for a ride downtown with some friends. For this outfit I decided to combine the skinny jeans. I love this kind of jeans. I think they rushe the figure.

Then I chose a brown shoulder bag. When I'm walking in the city I don't like the handbags. I think this kind of bag is uncomfortable. I prefer to have both hands free so I can go shopping!
For this outfit I wish wear a blue bracelet. I love blue and brown together! Blue is my favorite colour.

The final prices for this outifit is:
- sweater: 16. 99 USD
- jeans: 18.99 USD
- shoulder bag: 8.09 USD
- bracelet: 33.69 USD

This outfit is half of the previous one. Of course it is suitable for every day and I think it's very affordable!

If you need some extra information about all these beautiful products just visit

Which outfit do you like?
A kiss


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  1. mi piace la selezione che hai fatto, soprattutto il primo vestito nero tutto ricamato è davvero elegante

  2. bellissimi mi piacciono molto quelli che hai scelto sono tutti molto raffinati ed eleganti!!!

  3. Lovely choises, I adore your style ;)

  4. complimenti questa tua wishlist è molto bella bello i lcompletino in pizzo

  5. Tra tutte le cose deliziose della tua wish list io adoro la clutch marrone!

  6. wish list approvata cristina!!
    Corri assolutamente ad ordinare!

  7. bellissimi capi ho avuto già modo di acquistare in questo sito e mi trovo benissimo lo consiglio pure io

  8. che eleganza questo look che hai scelto di presentare grazie a tidestore,sentirsi belle spendendo poco, cosa vogliamo di piu'.

  9. tutto bellisimo,mi piacciono anche gli abbinamenti realizzati

  10. bellissima selezione e in bocca al lupo per il nuovo lavoro :)


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