venerdì, novembre 14

Bridesmaid dresses online on Millybridal

Hello friends , how are you? In Milan it continues to rain. Today I decided to think about the spring sunshine. When I think of hot weather, I imagine the outdoor ceremonies. It is always difficult to find a dress for the bridesmaids. Who can help us? I have an  idea:

On this website you can find many beautiful bridesmaid dresses online that are suitable for everyone. In this post I decided to pick some:

The dress code says that bridesmaids should not wear white and then get dressed in pink! This is the color of light-heartedness and youth. The cut of this dress is very nice and allows you to dance without problems. The skirt is perfect for those who haven’t a slender figure . It hides the extra pounds.

Let's see the second proposal:

I love the blue color and I could not not show you a dress of this color. The long dresses are in fact more suitable for evening ceremonies . I think this dress is very elegant and suitable for blondes and brunettes girls. The color is very bright and the cut of the bodice is very cute.

Let's see the third proposal:

I chose a light color and delicate dress. In fact, I think it's important not to wear bright colors. Attention must be focused on the bride and not on the bridesmaid! The straps of this dress are very cute and suitable for all girls. The sweetheart neckline is really nice.

My last one dress is:

As we all know , for a wedding you should not dress in black. Many girls, however, love to challenge the tradition . So here's a proposal in black. I love the necklace that you can see in the pic because it gives light to the dress. 

Here is the complete outfit :

I think in a wedding is important to have high heels. The pair of shoes that I have chosen is so good that you can wear it on other occasions. The bow of the shoe is perfectly matched with the necklace. The bag I chose is also available in other colors. I wanted to choose it in black to avoid strange combinations.

Which dress do you like?
Take a look at this link for more information: