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Best Black Friday Deals from EricDress

Hello guys, how are you? Those who follow me on facebook page know that I finally found a job. Today I want to introduce you to an interesting new offer on EricDress: and its Best Black Friday Deals

On this website you can find a lot of clothes and accessories  and take advantage of the offer. give you the possibility to buy clothing up to 85% off and get 5$ off over 89.99$.

The promotions will last for a month, from Nov. 1st to Nov. 30th.

1) during the first phase, you can get up to 85% off on all women’s fashion clothing. If your order is above $89.99, you will get extra 5% off

2) during the second phase, you can enjoy up to 80% off on all special occasion dresses, wedding dresses and fashion clothing. Anyone who buys two or more than two items will get extra 10% off.

3) during the third phase, up to 85% off discounts will be available for all accessories, shoes and fashion clothing. Any order over $99.99 will be delivered freely to our customers.

4) during the fourth phase, we will offer up to 80% off on all our products and extra 10% off for the order over $109.

Check this link for more info:

Isn't it great? In this post I want to show you some amazing clothing that are discounted in this offer. I created three different outfits but you must remember that bags, shoes and bracelets that I put in my pics aren't discounted.

Let's look together:

This is a Black Doll Collar Rhinestone Long Sleeves Dresses. This dress is discounted by 80% and the final prices is 30.29$.

I love the collar that the site decided to combine. It gives a touch of light at this dress. I think it's perfect for a drink downtown.

The clutch in the pic is really pretty and calls the collar of her dress but I wanted to create an outfit according to my personal tastes. Here is my propose:

The shoes and the clutch are not discounted but you can find on at these links:

- shoes:

- clutch:

I think that these sandals are really amazing. They make a slimmer body and make it really sexy!

The second dress that I want to show you is this one:

This is a Round-Neck Short Sleeves Lace Sheath Dresses and this dress is discounted by 80%. I would love to wear it for an afternoon in the center. Let's see my outfit:

I chose this bag because I was struck by the pattern faux crocodile. I think it's fine and elegant at the same time. The handle is perfect paired with this blue dress. The ankle boots make this outfit crisp and breezy. As soon as I saw the bag and the shoes I immediately fell in love. It 's true , they are expensive but I think they are very versatile.



The last dress of this post is:

I decided to take the most beautiful dress for last. Yes, I love the lace dresses. This would be perfect for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend because it's so sensual!

Here's what I decided to combine :

I chose this bag to brighten the outfit. The reason is that I don't like a total black outfit. I think it's always necessary to have something bright.

You can find these shoes at this link:

Don't forget to visit for great and affordable fashion finds!

Which outfit do you prefer?
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