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Amazing women winter coats on

Hi, girls. How are you? I am sick and today I want to rest.  In Milan is getting cold and I love winter coats! Lately I have little time for shopping. I then decided to take a look at a site discovered a few weeks ago. What I'm talking about? Obviously

On this website you can find a lot of clothes and accessories!

Here are some features:
- the prices are very low
- the quality is amazing
- you can find some reviews clicking on the products

In this post I want to show you some amazing women winter coats. I created three different outfits for you.

Here is the first one:

For my first winter coat for women, I choose the white color. I think it's perfect in every event. It is suitable for a walk downtown but also for a night out.

Its price is 34.89 $. I think it's very low, considering that it's made of wool.

Check this link for more coats:

Here is my outfit proposal:

For this outfit I choose a little black dress. I love this kind of clothes because it enhances the body of a woman. It soars legs and makes the slimmer figure. I decided to show you this simple dress to match it an amazing pair of shoes. The choice fell on this rhinestone sandals! Aren't they beautiful? I love the decoration on these shoes. The clutch is black and small.

- dress:
- bag:
- shoes:

Here is my second coat:

Also this second women coat is made of wool and its price is 43.99 $. The market price is 105.00 $. Here is an amazing offer!! 

Check this link for more winter coats for women:

Usually I do not like the pink but this coat struck me. I find it very elegant and perfect for all women. I think it's best worn by women with brown hair. What do you think?

Let's see my second outfit:

For this outfit I choose a white blouse. It is made of chiffon and fits slim on your body. I love the decoration on the chest. I also like the buttons on the sleeves. I think that will give a touch of elegance to this blouse. I match this blouse with a pair of slim blue jeans such as in the pic. 

In this outfit I can show you black & white shoes. In my opnion they are perfect with this blouse. I put a bag with the same colors. When I walk in the city, I prefer to wear a handbag.

Check this link for more cheap handbags:

At these links you can find the products of my second outfit:

Here is my third coat:

My last proposal is this beige bat sleeves. It has a wool collar and very soft. Its price is 34.59 $.

I chose this dress because it is crisp, sporty and youthful. It's perfect for all the girls who want something lively . The dress has a price of $ 32.19.

Here you can find a pair of red wedge heel closed toe to bright this outfit. I think that this pair of shoes is suitable for all outfits. They do not have a heel too high and are very comfortable. 

The bag is very pretty and practical. I chose the beige color because I think that it fits better in this outfit. 

Don't forget to visit for great and affordable fashion finds!

Which outfit do you prefer?
A kiss


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  1. Belle proposte molto carino il tubino nero le scarpe abbinate...mi piace molto anche la mantella

  2. Adoro la prima proposta outfit... meravigliosa e proprio del mio stile.. bellissimo questi articoli di abbigliamento!

  3. Oddio ma il cappotto rosa cos'è?! Meraviglioso!!!

  4. Sono fantastici questi cappottini, c'è l'imbarazzo della scelta

  5. Il cappotto rosa è troppo bello! Mi piace tantissimo *-*

  6. bellissime cose il primo cappotto mi ha fatta innamorare

  7. Gli stivaletti neri abbinati all pochette sono davvro belli e originali

  8. Il tubino nero è sicuramente il mio capo preferito... trovo che questo sito web sia ricco di offerte vantaggiose a abiti eccezionali!!!

  9. che bello il cappotto mi piace davvero tanto, ne voglio proprio uno simile

  10. Mi piacciono tutti i capi che hai ben presentato, bel sito


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