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Amazing women winter coats on

Hi, girls. How are you? I am sick and today I want to rest.  In Milan is getting cold and I love winter coats! Lately I have little time for shopping. I then decided to take a look at a site discovered a few weeks ago. What I'm talking about? Obviously

On this website you can find a lot of clothes and accessories!

Here are some features:
- the prices are very low
- the quality is amazing
- you can find some reviews clicking on the products

In this post I want to show you some amazing women winter coats. I created three different outfits for you.

Here is the first one:

For my first winter coat for women, I choose the white color. I think it's perfect in every event. It is suitable for a walk downtown but also for a night out.

Its price is 34.89 $. I think it's very low, considering that it's made of wool.

Check this link for more coats:

Here is my outfit proposal:

For this outfit I choose a little black dress. I love this kind of clothes because it enhances the body of a woman. It soars legs and makes the slimmer figure. I decided to show you this simple dress to match it an amazing pair of shoes. The choice fell on this rhinestone sandals! Aren't they beautiful? I love the decoration on these shoes. The clutch is black and small.

- dress:
- bag:
- shoes:

Here is my second coat:

Also this second women coat is made of wool and its price is 43.99 $. The market price is 105.00 $. Here is an amazing offer!! 

Check this link for more winter coats for women:

Usually I do not like the pink but this coat struck me. I find it very elegant and perfect for all women. I think it's best worn by women with brown hair. What do you think?

Let's see my second outfit:

For this outfit I choose a white blouse. It is made of chiffon and fits slim on your body. I love the decoration on the chest. I also like the buttons on the sleeves. I think that will give a touch of elegance to this blouse. I match this blouse with a pair of slim blue jeans such as in the pic. 

In this outfit I can show you black & white shoes. In my opnion they are perfect with this blouse. I put a bag with the same colors. When I walk in the city, I prefer to wear a handbag.

Check this link for more cheap handbags:

At these links you can find the products of my second outfit:

Here is my third coat:

My last proposal is this beige bat sleeves. It has a wool collar and very soft. Its price is 34.59 $.

I chose this dress because it is crisp, sporty and youthful. It's perfect for all the girls who want something lively . The dress has a price of $ 32.19.

Here you can find a pair of red wedge heel closed toe to bright this outfit. I think that this pair of shoes is suitable for all outfits. They do not have a heel too high and are very comfortable. 

The bag is very pretty and practical. I chose the beige color because I think that it fits better in this outfit. 

Don't forget to visit for great and affordable fashion finds!

Which outfit do you prefer?
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lunedì, novembre 17

WeddingShe Evening Dresses & Wedding Dresses

Hey girls, how are you? Today I want to show you an amazing site that I recently found out. It's, an online store where you can buy dresses. On this site you find a wide collection of dresses. It's possible to find clothes of different styles and lengths. There are clothes and accessories to suit all tastes and for all women.

Do you have a date at the last minute and do not know what to wear ? offers a range of clothes perfect for any event. I chose two cocktail dresses that I love. The one on the right is perfect for an aperitif in the center with friends. Sexy and cute at the same time but never vulgar . The cut of this dress is suitable for both younger to older women . Girls can wear this dress as it is. The older women can match it with a shrug of the same color of the shoes and the bag. In this case I would choose the black color.

The one on the left is perfect for a dinner. The sweetheart neckline makes this dress beautifully. It's also possible to combine a bright necklace.

If the guy you just met invites you to a special evening, you can not arrive unprepared. You have to be nice and bright like a star. Choose one of the hottest evening dresses. Wearing a red lipstick, a special dress, a pair of shoes with high heels and be his princess!

It's important to feel beautiful. This site makes this possible. Do not forget to take a look at shoes, bags and accessories. I'm sure that you'll find the perfect outfit that you're looking for.

Marriage is an important milestone in the life of a woman. Everything has to be perfect. It is the day that you'll remember for a lifetime . It's essential to choose the perfect dress. On this site there is a wide range of pretty wedding dresses to choose from.When you wear a wedding dress, you should feel like a queen. On you can shop by color, model and style. I think it's amazing to have the possibility to choose between different colors.

Find more fabolous dresses >>>
Usually the bride is dressed in white but in this post I decided to show you a classic white dress and a pink dress. I think it 's really romantic and love it. The skirt seems to be made of cream!

Discover more Vintage Style Wedding Dresses for women>>>

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domenica, novembre 16

Wedding shoes online on Millybridal

Hi girls, how are you? Today I have worked for 8 hours and now I want to relax me! After yesterday's post on the bridesmaid dress, I decided to show you some products on

In this post, I choose some shoes that can match well with the gorgeous wedding dresses:

For a wedding it is important to have a nice pair of shoes. Even more important is that they are comfortable. Every girl wants to feel sexy and wants to dance. With this pair of shoes you can! The heel is not very high and the shoe has a pleateau.

I guess these shoes with a dress with sweetheart neckline like this one:

I love the sweetheart neckline of this dress. I think it's sexy and romantic at the same time. The skirt is not too bulky and allows you to move easily. The cut of this dress is perfect for all the girls. It's important to have a nice neck because the neckline is the focal point of this dress!

If this dress is not for you, take a look at this one:

The cut of this dress is very classic. It's suitable for all those women who dream of a big wedding, perhaps in a villa of 1800 with a grand staircase.

With this dress I suggest this pair of shoes:

The jewel in the shoe takes the decoration of the dress.The heel is a little high but not too much!

Here's my latest proposal:

This dress is suitable for a girl with a slender body. The wide neckline highlights the neck and breast. For this dress I decided to combine a classic pair of shoes with a rose.

Do not miss a bag full of light and a crown princess that you can buy at this link:

I think the bride should shine on his own!

Check this link for more accessories:

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venerdì, novembre 14

Bridesmaid dresses online on Millybridal

Hello friends , how are you? In Milan it continues to rain. Today I decided to think about the spring sunshine. When I think of hot weather, I imagine the outdoor ceremonies. It is always difficult to find a dress for the bridesmaids. Who can help us? I have an  idea:

On this website you can find many beautiful bridesmaid dresses online that are suitable for everyone. In this post I decided to pick some:

The dress code says that bridesmaids should not wear white and then get dressed in pink! This is the color of light-heartedness and youth. The cut of this dress is very nice and allows you to dance without problems. The skirt is perfect for those who haven’t a slender figure . It hides the extra pounds.

Let's see the second proposal:

I love the blue color and I could not not show you a dress of this color. The long dresses are in fact more suitable for evening ceremonies . I think this dress is very elegant and suitable for blondes and brunettes girls. The color is very bright and the cut of the bodice is very cute.

Let's see the third proposal:

I chose a light color and delicate dress. In fact, I think it's important not to wear bright colors. Attention must be focused on the bride and not on the bridesmaid! The straps of this dress are very cute and suitable for all girls. The sweetheart neckline is really nice.

My last one dress is:

As we all know , for a wedding you should not dress in black. Many girls, however, love to challenge the tradition . So here's a proposal in black. I love the necklace that you can see in the pic because it gives light to the dress. 

Here is the complete outfit :

I think in a wedding is important to have high heels. The pair of shoes that I have chosen is so good that you can wear it on other occasions. The bow of the shoe is perfectly matched with the necklace. The bag I chose is also available in other colors. I wanted to choose it in black to avoid strange combinations.

Which dress do you like?
Take a look at this link for more information:
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martedì, novembre 11

Best Black Friday Deals from EricDress

Hello guys, how are you? Those who follow me on facebook page know that I finally found a job. Today I want to introduce you to an interesting new offer on EricDress: and its Best Black Friday Deals

On this website you can find a lot of clothes and accessories  and take advantage of the offer. give you the possibility to buy clothing up to 85% off and get 5$ off over 89.99$.

The promotions will last for a month, from Nov. 1st to Nov. 30th.

1) during the first phase, you can get up to 85% off on all women’s fashion clothing. If your order is above $89.99, you will get extra 5% off

2) during the second phase, you can enjoy up to 80% off on all special occasion dresses, wedding dresses and fashion clothing. Anyone who buys two or more than two items will get extra 10% off.

3) during the third phase, up to 85% off discounts will be available for all accessories, shoes and fashion clothing. Any order over $99.99 will be delivered freely to our customers.

4) during the fourth phase, we will offer up to 80% off on all our products and extra 10% off for the order over $109.

Check this link for more info:

Isn't it great? In this post I want to show you some amazing clothing that are discounted in this offer. I created three different outfits but you must remember that bags, shoes and bracelets that I put in my pics aren't discounted.

Let's look together:

This is a Black Doll Collar Rhinestone Long Sleeves Dresses. This dress is discounted by 80% and the final prices is 30.29$.

I love the collar that the site decided to combine. It gives a touch of light at this dress. I think it's perfect for a drink downtown.

The clutch in the pic is really pretty and calls the collar of her dress but I wanted to create an outfit according to my personal tastes. Here is my propose:

The shoes and the clutch are not discounted but you can find on at these links:

- shoes:

- clutch:

I think that these sandals are really amazing. They make a slimmer body and make it really sexy!

The second dress that I want to show you is this one:

This is a Round-Neck Short Sleeves Lace Sheath Dresses and this dress is discounted by 80%. I would love to wear it for an afternoon in the center. Let's see my outfit:

I chose this bag because I was struck by the pattern faux crocodile. I think it's fine and elegant at the same time. The handle is perfect paired with this blue dress. The ankle boots make this outfit crisp and breezy. As soon as I saw the bag and the shoes I immediately fell in love. It 's true , they are expensive but I think they are very versatile.



The last dress of this post is:

I decided to take the most beautiful dress for last. Yes, I love the lace dresses. This would be perfect for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend because it's so sensual!

Here's what I decided to combine :

I chose this bag to brighten the outfit. The reason is that I don't like a total black outfit. I think it's always necessary to have something bright.

You can find these shoes at this link:

Don't forget to visit for great and affordable fashion finds!

Which outfit do you prefer?
A kiss
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giovedì, novembre 6

My wishlist on Tidestore

Hi friends, how are you? I finally found a job. Tomorrow I start working. I can't wait! In the meantime, let me show you some interesting deals Tidestore.

I love this site because on Tidestore you can buy some products:
- dresses
- shoes
- bags
- lingerie
- accessories
- swimwear

I love that from 20th November to 25th Novembre on Tidestore you can find 10% off on all orders. Why is there this offer? The site has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with their customers.

Click on this link for more information:

In this post I want to show you what you can buy on Tidestore. The products that I will show you are not discounted. I personally chose some dresses and shoes that I like the most. Let's take a look:

This dress costs only 16.09 $ and the size are from S to L. On Tidestore you can find the inches of each dress. I think it's important to buy online.

When I could wear it?
I think it's perfect for a romantic dinner. The lace is very pretty and gives sensuality. This dress would be cute paired with a clutch and a pair of shoes with high heels. This is my idea:

The shoes on tidestore are really nice and I recommend you take a look. Check this link for more shoes:

An outfit like this one needs accessories. So I decided to show you this bracelet because I think it's really nice:

I loved it so much. It is perfect with the shoes that I have chosen for you!

The final prices for this outifit are:
- dress: 16.09 USD
- shoes: 73.99 USD
- clutch: 16.19 USD
- bracelet: 16.19 USD

Overall I think it is an expensive outfit . The shoes are the most expensive product but I think it's important to have good shoes.

After having proposed an elegant outfit, I want to show you something easier:

When I could wear it?
I chose this sweater because I find it suitable for everyday. It's ideal for a ride downtown with some friends. For this outfit I decided to combine the skinny jeans. I love this kind of jeans. I think they rushe the figure.

Then I chose a brown shoulder bag. When I'm walking in the city I don't like the handbags. I think this kind of bag is uncomfortable. I prefer to have both hands free so I can go shopping!
For this outfit I wish wear a blue bracelet. I love blue and brown together! Blue is my favorite colour.

The final prices for this outifit is:
- sweater: 16. 99 USD
- jeans: 18.99 USD
- shoulder bag: 8.09 USD
- bracelet: 33.69 USD

This outfit is half of the previous one. Of course it is suitable for every day and I think it's very affordable!

If you need some extra information about all these beautiful products just visit

Which outfit do you like?
A kiss

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martedì, novembre 4

A new look with

Hi girls, how are you? How many times do you look in the mirror and do not like yourself ?  I think it's happened to many women. Sometimes I wish straight hair and sometimes I wish curly hair. So I can never make up my mind. I'm still not sure what hairstyle to do. I would like to change it every month. Unfortunately is not possible. Going to the hairdresser costs too much money. It 's always difficult to find a good hairdresser! I do not know about you but I 've always loved the hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston. I have always liked the jaunty air at the time of Friends.

Many times I asked my hairdresser to give me a similar haircut. Many times the hairdresser did not make the cut I wanted. Women are always hard to please. With Wigsbuy you can have the same hairstyle as your favourite movie star! Is not it wonderful ? I think it's the dream of every woman.

On Wigsbuy the dream can come true! This site gives you the possibility to change hairstyle whenever you want.I was very hesitant because all the wigs are gorgeous. The haircuts are special, natural and really beautiful. Each wig is easy to put on and the only way to choose is to take advantage of the offers. On Friday there is an amazing offer: all items up to 90% off + 10% off.

In this post you can find some ideas. I personally chose the wigs that I like the most. Let's take a look:

The clips are perfect when you want to give a touch of color. Or if you have straight hair , it's nice to have a few strands of wavy hair. For example, I do not know how to use the curling iron. My hair are always very smooth. These clips save my hair! At last I can have wavy hair . A few strands of wavy hair makes a woman more beautiful. So I have selected for you some really nice clips:

Until now I have always talked about the women. In recent years, men are increasingly conscious about their appearance. It's important that a man should have a neat appearance . The first impression is always the one that counts. A beautiful hairstyle is a good card. I think it is important for social life , but above all for themselves. Many men want to look like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. From now on, every man will have the hairstyle of his favorite star. On Wigsbuy we can find amazing wings for men.

As you can see on this site are available many wigs. Personally I always love to change my hairlook. The problem is that the hair dyes damage your hair . They make them dry and split ends. With these wigs there are no problems.You can be a different woman or a different man every day. I think it's a wonderful thing!The secret is not to reveal that it is a wig. What I love is that these wigs are made of human hair. No one will notice because these wigs fit tightly to the face. At last we can have the hairstyle of our favorite stars. If you need some extra information about all these beautiful products just visit

A kiss
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lunedì, novembre 3

Some Millybridal Prom Dresses that Impressed Me

Hi, friends. How are you? Today I want to show you a new interesting site: Milly Bridal. On this site you can buy amazing bridal gowns and prom dresses online from UK.

This site offers:
- Great selection: all dress are updated periodically
- Price and value: most under 300 £
- Fast delivery: the normal lead time is 15-25 days + shipping (3-4 days)
- Customer satisfaction: all our customers are amazed by the quality of our products and low price
- Perfect fit: they offer made-to-measure dresses to fit like glove and no more alternation is needed
- Safe and Sicure shopping
- Convenient Customer Service

I want to start this post by showing you some of the clothes that impressed me:

The colors are cheerful and the cut of the dresses is so beautiful.

Check this link for prom dresses UK:

Obviously these are wedding dresses. I think that the bride should wear a white dress. If you want classic dresses, look at this pic:

I love this dress because it's very sexy, elegant and particular. To the right of the pic, I have included the details of the dress.

They are very important when you want to buy online.

If you dream of a fairytale wedding, I reccomend this one:

I think it's the classic princess dress. It has along train and a wide skirt. It's perfect for a romantic, sweet and dreamy girl.

What do you think about this one?

It's suitable for a beach wedding. I guess a ceremony by the sea with all the relatives and close friends.

A ceremony at the sunset would be just perfect really perfect. I'm sure you can image it.

What do you think about this one?
I think it's romantic, sexy and comfortable. You can dance without problems because his dress doesn't have a wide skirt. I want to enjoy a wedding.

Check this link for more dresses:

On this site you can buy also wedding accessories:

- wedding vels
- wraps
- petticoats
- gloves
- headpieces
- jewelry
- handbags
- wedding shoes
- garter
- lingerie
- shapewear
- sashes
- wedding flowers
- wedding umbrellas
- garment bag

For the first time I see a site where you can buy so many thing. The flowers are the thing that impressed me.

Wedding Bouquet, as a symbol of love and faith to continue the happiness is essential on wedding. offers wedding flowers look beautiful, vivid which will last as long as you want.

No worries about the season changing just choose the most wanted wedding flowers.

You can find amazing bridal dresses at this link: 

Which dress do you prefer?
A kiss
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