mercoledì, ottobre 29

News on Tidestore

Hi guys, how are you? I'm fine. Yesterday I had two job interviews and today I want to relax. I finally found an interesting new site: Tidestore. It sells clothing really nice and inexpensive.

Tidestore has an interesting Black Friday. This day is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Various promotions will be offered so as to encourage the purchase of customers.  

Popular Area is: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Romania

These are some of the dresses that you can find on Tidestore:

1) The fist one on the left is suitable for a special evening, a first date or a romantic dinner. 
2) The second one for a walk downtown or a day in the university. 
3) The third one is so elegant and beautiful. I think is perfect for the New Year's Eve, maybe in a disco. 
4) The last one is thought for a romantic dinner. 

Some features:
- the size: Tidestore show the inches of waist, bust, cuff, sleeve, shoulder and leght of the dress
- prices are very low. This think makes it easy to purchase online
- the clothes are made of good quality. 

On this site you can buy also the accessories:
- handbags
- shoulder bags
- bracelet
- necklace
- earrings
- rings

 1) The first one on the left is perfect for sport. It's very hadt and large bag
2) The second one is a glitter bag and it's suitable for evening such as the third one

1) The first one on the left is my favorite. I love this color!
2) The second one is perfect for a walk downtown
3) The third one is the best!

You can find also lingerie and shoes:

Tidestore has some clothes with free shipping. I think that is very helpful if you have never purchased from this site

If you click on a dress you can read the reviews and some pictures. It's very nice and helpful for the future buyers. 

Here you can find the link: