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Ankle boots, eleganti e di tendenza

Tutto sugli ankle boots! Le scarpe dell’anno

Estate, autunno, inverno? Poco importa, perché gli ankle boots non conoscono né stagioni né mezze stagioni, dato che sono sempre e comunque di tendenza. Poi, adesso che arriva l’inverno, potreste mai rinunciare a un bel paio di stivaletti alla caviglia? Io non potrei mai e infatti non lo faccio: la mia collezione privata di ankle boots farebbe invidia ad una diva! Se vi state chiedendo dove faccio rifornimento posso dirvi che visito qualunque negozio mi ispiri fiducia, ma non solo. Molto spesso, specialmente nelle giornate più fredde, decido di fare rifornimento direttamente da casa e accedo a diversi e-commerce di moda  fra cui, dove c'è un vastissimo assortimento di ankle boots dei migliori brand!

Ankle boots: quali sono i modelli più indossati?

Con gli stivaletti alla caviglia, d’inverno più che mai, si va sul sicuro. Semplicemente perché sono talmente tanti i modelli di tendenza, che sbagliarsi è praticamente impossibile! Se amate le cose classiche, allora gli ankle boots di camoscio sono quello che state cercando. Io però li preferisco in velluto: elegantissimi, ma anche dotati di tacco e molto di tendenza quest’anno. I trend, poi, continuano: si va dagli stivaletti alla caviglia rock, con le borchie, fino ad arrivare a quelli tempestati di strass e di fantasie a dir poco eclettiche!

Come abbinare gli stivaletti alla caviglia?

Non potrei non partire dall’abbinamento classico invernale: gli stivaletti alla caviglia con i jeans aderenti, che sono facilissimi da inserire all’interno dei nostri stivaletti. Anche i leggins si prestano a meraviglia, se abbinati con queste calzature! I modelli dotati di tacchi alti, invece, sarebbe meglio abbinarli con i pantaloni flare. Altri abbinamenti che vi consiglio? Gli stivaletti alla caviglia elasticizzati, perfetti da accoppiare alle gonne e alle calze. Però è importante che il colore della calza e dello stivaletto sia lo stesso, e preferibilmente scuro!

Stivaletti: come li indossano i personaggi famosi?

Le star sono il modello ideale per una donna che vorrebbe essere sempre sulla cresta dell’onda: anche io, di tanto in tanto, studio gli abbinamenti delle dive e ne prendo spunto! Questo vale anche per gli ankle boots, naturalmente. Ad esempio Selena Gomez, la nota popstar texana, di solito indossa gli ankle boots con tacco alto e black, con splendidi dettagli in oro: inutile dire che è il top dell’eleganza. L’italianissima Chiara Ferragni, invece, più volte ha indossato un modello molto particolare: i socks boots, che somigliano a delle vere e proprie scarpe. Sono consigliatissimi per le donne che amano il casual e la comodità ai piedi!

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Jumpsuits and skirts are the new black

Hello everyone, today while walking around the city I met a girl who was wearing a jumpsuit. In this month I have seen many jumpsuits but many of them were too sporty for me.

Just back home I had a great time looking for a site that sold them and I found FashionMia. I obviously created my wishlist. Let's start with this cute jumpsuit:


This is so elegant and it's skinny as I like. It really brings out the body and its shapes.
The white detail on the neck makes it unique and shiny.

You can wear it with white or black shoes even if I prefer black shoes as in the pic. Maybe you could chose between black or white handbag.

I know, I know. Many of you don't like jumpsuits so I want to show one of my fav cheap skirts because I think every woman should have a skirt in her closet:

This one is a printed skirt and I fell in love at first sight. Its lenght is medium and I think it could be worn by both young girls and women.

It's so colorful and perfect in this cloudy days in my city. I wear it with a white shirt in the colder season and with a white T-shirt, as in the pic, during the spring or summer.

A pair of white sandals or decollete shall complete this cute outfit

Are you a jumpsuits or skirts lover?

Winter is coming on Newchic

Hell sunshine, how are you? I'm fine but unfortunately I have no news but today I want to spend some time updating my blog.

In Milan winter is coming and I do not know how to dress. Finding nice but not leather shoes has become quite difficult.

In this post I want to show you a list of wishes hoping it will be useful to my followers:

I chose these one because I love to wear clothes in the fall but I often find boots too high or too low.

In this pic you can see the right compromise as they are over knee boots. They're smaller than other ones and the upper material is cloth. I love the heel because it's 4,5 cm and I think it's perfect for walking all day long.

I would wear them both with a casual or tea dresses maybe printed or with gold accessories

Check out this link for more winter boots for women

Now I want to show my fav ankle boots for women because I know that my followers have different ages. 

These round toe and lace up boots are so cute and you can wear them for a long walk in town because they're so soft and comfortable.

And now my boyfriend whishlish:

These lace up boots have been chosen by my boyfriend because he loves leather ankle boots

These ones are all seasons boots perfect for a walk downtown or casual meeting. You can choose two colors: green as in the pic or blue. My boyfriend thinks it's better to buy a pair of green boots. Blue ones are too blue, you know.

In this pic you can see one of Handmade Leather Boots with square heels and round toe that my boyfriend choose for his mother. 

They have 4,5 cm heel height, it's a medium heel and easy to wear. The upper material is genuine leather and the seasons in which theese boots can be worn are winter, autumn and spring. He suggest to treat with a suitable leather protector because he said me they're too nice!

Which one do you prefer? Let me know! 

lunedì, maggio 15

Planning A Great Quinceanera Party

Quinceanera is a celebration of a little girl’s transition to womanhood once she reaches the age of 15. It can be likened to an 18th birthday debut and it is usually celebrated throughout the Latin areas of the United States. The preparations are usually done by the family and some of the closest friends of the celebrant, of whom all of which must carefully plan to depict the personality of the girl who is about to become a lady. This post will provide some useful tips on how to plan a truly wonderful and great Quinceanera party to be well remembered by everybody.

1. General details – All those who are responsible for the celebration must set up a meeting at least 10 months before the exact date of the party. Try to discuss on the important aspects of the Quiceanera party like the date (usually is held on a weekend closest to the celebrant’s birthday), the possible candidates of the “Court of Honor” (14 couples all in all), and also the Chambelan which is the celebrant’s escort at the party. If there’s room for more attendees at the party, you can also include Godparents who will accompany the celebrant and her parents at the entire party which can last for up to 5-6 hours.

2. Set a reasonable amount for the party – Saving beforehand is usually done by the parents of the celebrant who want to ensure a magnificent party for their daughter. The budget will cover mainly the location, the party services, the entertainment, the food, and even the dresses to be worn on the occasion. As for the Quiceanera’s dress, it would be wise to buy online as there are a lot of low-priced Quinceanera dresses that are well made with quality.

Here are some photos of reasonably priced Quinceanera dresses you can find online.
You can also take advantage of these cheap evening dresses should the celebrant desire for a more up-to-date look:


3. Make a list of the guests to be invited – It would also be helpful to determine the number of guests you are going to invite at the Quinceanera party. As much as possible, try to include only some of the closest family members and peers of the celebrant to attend at the party. But if the budget permits, then you can add other guests to make the party even merrier.

4. Contact a dance instructor – One of the highlights at the Quiceanera party is the dance at the banquet. Teach the Quinceanera celebrant as well as all the participants in the Court of honor the basics of the Waltz and some other dance steps because everybody will surely strut their feet and dance into the tune of the party medley.

5. Mix and match the entertainment – Another aspect that brings life to party are the musicians providing the live entertainment. While the Quinceanera is more a traditional event, you can add a little twist by mixing up all the performers at the party. Bring along some Mariachis to imbibe the Latin flavor and also include some contemporary bands to add some modern sense. The mixing of the old and the new will turn the Quinceanera into a unique party and it will make the celebrant and the guests really happy.