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100% virgin and human hair

Hello friends, how are you? Lately I am very busy with work but I love writing on my blog. Sometimes I need to disconnect the mind and don't think about anything. Cooking at the restaurant is really exciting because it's a creative job.

Many times I do not have time to fix my hair and come back home before going out with my boyfriend. A great idea could be to use the wigs. As we all know some wigs are unnatural but I found a site that will make you fall in love called DreamWheatHair. Here you find different products:

- virgin hair
- clip in
- hombre hair
- lace closure
- bundles with closure
- dye hair
- fusion hair

You can choose lenght, type and shipping of every product. In this post I want to show you some wigs I love. Let's start with the first one:

My hair is straight and I have never been able to make them voluminous and wavy. I tried several times to use the iron for hair without success. I've always loved the waves and this wig is really awesome. It seems so natural and easy to wear. The perfect lenght for me is 18 inch but you can choose your favorite!

I know that I just told you that I love the wavy hair but how beautiful are perfectly straight hair?

Often you have to use the straightener for a long time before we have perfectly straight hair. This means ruin your hair and make them dry. This wig allow me to always have healthy hair! My dream comes true!

Are you a straight or way hair lover? Let me know in a comment!

The Eco-Dress Trend In Wedding Fashion: Is It Temporary Or Everlasting

More and more people today are making efforts to save mother nature no matter how small can it be. Whether from our energy needs down to our very basic necessities, most of us are getting aware and are doing the best they can to make this world a better place to live in. This movement can also be seen in fashion especially in wedding dresses as some designers are already incorporating their environmental cause by creating eco-friendly wedding dresses. How can a dress be made “eco-friendly”? Will this fashion revolution be a permanent cause that will be recognized by many or will it be just another fad that will be replaced by another trend?

Definition Of Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses:
An outfit can be considered as ‘eco-friendly’ if all the fabrics and materials used in making the dress were all derived from natural sources. Aside from that, the dying process must be absent from any synthetic chemicals that might harm the atmosphere and ruin the balance of our ecosystem.

Is This Style Enduring Or Short-Lived:
Most fashion experts agree that the trend in eco-friendly wedding dresses will be here to stay because the demand is increasing by the numbers. Some women might have this impression that eco-friendly wedding dresses are not as fashionable as the conventional bridal outfits, but in reality they are as sexy and gorgeous looking like those high end bridal gowns you often see in boutiques. The only difference is that these gowns were only made better.

Take a look at some of these gowns at The Green Guide’s eco wedding dresses and see for yourself:

Besides, The Green Guide also has other special dresses such as plus size gowns and beach/destination wedding dresses. So, no matter what your special needs are, you will be definitely able to find one on their website to suit your needs.

Don’t you think they are all beautiful enough to be worn at your wedding? And judging from how these dresses are made, can you really tell the difference?

Indeed, the trend for eco-friendly wedding gown and dresses is here to stay. This movement will soon be recognized by the whole fashion industry and more and more will be inclined in making these types of dresses for the sake of our environment.

lunedì, febbraio 27

Earrings, necklaces and bracelets

Hello friends, how are you? These days I'm working a lot and I don't have time to go shopping. A good way to not lose the habit is to order online. I love buying beauty products but I love even more accessorize. Today I want to tell you about a very interesting site called where we can find jewelry, wayches, bags, sunglasses and super deals. 

In this post I want to create a wishlist with you. I think it's a good idea for my followers. Let's start! I think their products and prices are amazing. You'll want to buy everything! I know it!

Valentine's day has just ended but every occasion is perfect to receive a gift. If I had to choose a necklace, I would opt for this one. It is very romantic and perfect for all those dreamers women. It's a cubic zirconia and the main stone color is white.

I really like its design and this necklace could be perfect with a black long dress with a romantic sweetheart neckline.

If you don't want necklace but you wear only rings, I recommend you click here on wholesale fashion jewelry for more ideas!

As soon as I saw this bracelet I fell for him. I think its color is really cute. This green is one of my favorites. It reminds me of the hope and the desire to believe.

In this period is a color that I love because I finally found a job in the kitchen. I know, this thing is not important in this post but I think it's important to surround yourself with objects and colors that make us feel good.

I would wear this bracelet with a grey sweater, my favorite skinny jeans and high heels. A casual outfit is perfet for this accessory!

The last accessory that I want to show you is this pair of earrings. Who knows me know that I don't like the flashy earrings. I love pearls and I find that they are elegant and beautiful at the same time.

They adapt to any outfit and illuminate the face of every woman. I would wear these earrings with a pink blush strapless dress, a pair of black heels and a handbag in black paint.

Check this link for more:

 A kiss for you!

sabato, gennaio 21

A romantic post

Hello friends! How are you? In recent days I made some job interviews but they didn't go as I hoped. I'm looking for a job in a restaurant but it's very hard to get into. I would like the opportunity to cook and learn but unfortunately without experience is impossible. I need to believe that path still exists for me.

Ok, let's talk about something different. I need to relax and go shopping is always a good idea. It's very cold here in January. A lot of shopping online. I bookmarked my top 10 favorite online shopping destinations and pre-loaded my credit card info.  It's so nice having this little chat and write in my blog. It's my web site and it's my home

In this post I want to introduce you a new amazing and interesting site: Here you can find lots of colorful or monochrome dresses, special occasion dresses, wedding dresses, wedding party dresses and accessories perfect for evening or summer parties. I think it's a good opportunity to wear wonderful dresses with low costs. 

Are you ready for my wishlist? Let's do it!

This is a a line chiffon strapless natural beading long evening dress in my favorite color. Blue reminds me night and love. I'm sure you'll wear it for evening dinner or party. 

The corsage has many beads and the model looks like a star. So I suggest you to wear the necklace in the pic. It's perfect and not flashy. This is a romantic dress and we don't want to waste it! For more dresses check out this link sliver evening dresses uk

Are you're looking for purple evening dresses 2017 uk? Keep reading!

Here is a lovely beaded sweetheart dropped sleeveless evening dresses. I choose this one because I think pink color is so romantic. You can feel you like a romantic peach and wear it for evening party or afternoon wedding maybe in a villa.

This dress is covered with beads and I suggest you to wear a pair of silver sandals. I don't like too many colors combinations so I think it's best if you choose silver accessories. A silver clutch bag and earrings with the same color could be perfect. The gold color is banned!

You can find this dress in party evening gowns uk selection and I'm sure you'll like it. I decided to put this one in my wishlist because it reminds me of the dance essays. I've never made one but it is so cute,lol.

Honestly I think it might be perfect for a wedding. Probably for many of you it might be too short and should be avoided if you get married in church. Me and my boyfriend don't not get married in church so I would like to wear it! It's so sexy and beautiful at the same time.

Gold sandals are so amazing. Simple and fashion as I like. I't an organza dress so it's best to wear not flashy accessories or shoes.

See you in my next post my lovely friends!

mercoledì, dicembre 28

My wishlist

Hi sweaters, how are you? How do you spent the Christmas holidays? Me and my boyfriend stayed in Milan. He has worked and we did not have the opportunity to spend Christmas with our families.

On Christmas Day we walked downtown looking for a dress or sweater but I didn't found it. So today I want to take a look on the web. A great idea is the site StyleWe where you can find lots of dresses.

Are you ready?

Black star pattern knitted color-block long sleeved sweater for my first choice. It's so cute and perfetc for winter holiday. I always loved soft and warm sweaters. I find them perfect to wear with a pair of skinny jeans and high heels.

I reccomend you to wear colorful accessories with this sweater. I think it's important give light to the outfit in these cold winter days. A red or yellow bag could be a perfect idea. Do you agree with me?

For more dresses check out this link just fashion now 

This is my fav dress: it's a basic floral crew neck long sleeve paneled mini dress and I would wear for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. I always love mini but elegant dress. Every woman must feel beautiful. Wear makeup, wear a nice dress and a pair of heels is amazing. Being comfortable makes special every day and illuminates your face with a smile.

It's for this reason I choose this dress. It could be perfect for everyone altought I think it's best to wear only if you have a fit body and small boobs. If you have a different body I recommend you to read this blogpost: How to Wear Ruffles with Big Boobs

Here is a traditional japanese garment: red h-line floral resort viscose kimono. If you don't love long kimono, this one is an interesting alternative. It seems like short cardigan and you can wear it with a t-shirt or a bluse. The model is wearing a simple white t-shirt embellished with a red necklace.

I love this color combination and in my opinion it's a great choice. The necklace has the same color of the kimono and it's so cool. It's important not to wear too much colors.

Check this link for more floral kimono

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2016 Christmas Wigs Sale In Wigsbuy

Hi, my beautiful friends! In this month I'm very stressed because I can't find a job and I need it. I'm very sad but it's important to smile. Go shopping is one of the methods that I use when I'm down in the dumps. December is a cold month and I prefer yo stay at home so today I want to introduce you an amazing site called Wigsbuy where thre are different kind of wigs.

My favorite ones are 100% human hair wigs but you can buy also Natural Kinky Wigs In Wigsbuy. I have straight hair and one of my dreams is to have curly hair. 


Medium or short curly hair could be perfect for everyone but I think it's important to look good with themselves. I reccomend you this hairstyle if you have oval face. An hairstyle like this gives you brightness and elegance. It's easy to keep tidy and you can avoid using the straightener. If you love the previous pics check out the site for more Natural Kinky Wigs In Wigsbuy. I'm sure you'll like them! They're so curly and amazing! Don't miss 2016 Christmas Wigs Sale In Wigsbuy

Are you a straight hair lover? If you always have to be perfect for your employer (maybe you work in a office or in a fashion shore), you're in the right place. On this site you find lots of different wigs such as Bob Wigs With Bangs In Wigsbuy. You find it in black, brown, red or purple. A large selection for every woman

Bob in the right pic is my favorite hairstyle. I cut my hair like that a dozen times. It's so cute, youghtful and funny. The downside is it's essential to have straight hair. If you have curly hair I do not recommend a similar cut.

The great news is with this wig you'll be always gorgeous and you'll always have perfect hair. What I love about this site is that you can change your look every day. Women love to feel beautiful and this site helps us to do it.

If you're looking for more beautiful Cute Bob Hairstyles In Wigsbuy don't forget to take a look

Kiss for you ^-^

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Three outfits chosen for you

Hi my beautiful friends, in this post I want to show you three different outfit for three different occasions. I choose some Short mini skirts 2016 that I love and I hope you like them. 

I think it's important to create a wish list before Christmas and you know it. If your boyfriend read your blog, this is a gorgeous idea for him. 

Hey baby, you know what I mean. Let's start guys:

Here is a black elegant a-line mini skirt with some buttons and a cute belt. I think it's so stylish and perfect for this skirt. I would wear a skirt like this for a lunch with my boyfriend because it's so short and sexy. 

I need to feel me beautiful and attractive. Black heels for an elegant outfit and you can take me out!

This navy blue folds casual a-line mini skirt is so cute. I would wear it with a pair of sports shoes. I love the shoes worn by the model and I think they're perfect.

The bow is amazing and its color is ok. In my opinion it would be best to wear a white shirt or a t-shirt. Black and blue are enemies, you know it!

Are you a fashion News lover? Keep following us!

Are you ready for this purple floral a-line sweet skirt? No? This is my favorite skirt and probably you know it. It's so romantic and awesome. Floral pattern is my fav one because it makes me think of nature, love and passion.

In this period I'm so busy and I need to feel better and carefree. Is it written a poem on this skirt? It could be a great idea baby!

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos and review!
Bye :)

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New hairstyle

Hello my beautiful friends, December is so cute month. Christmas is coming and I need to change my look. The first thing to do is go shopping, the second is to go to the hairdresser. Whenever I'm not happy. The hairstyle is never the way I want. 

Well, I found a way to be happy: is an amazing site. There are a lots of african american wigs, hair extensions, accessories, human hair wigs and style ideas. You can choose color, size and quantity. 

In this post I want to show you my fav hairstyle:

Women 12 Inches Short Straight Full Lace Cap Human Hair

This is a women 12 inches short straight full lace cap human hair. This hairstyle is really beautiful. It is crisp, perky and youthful. I love the bangs and hair color. It is slightly darker than my natural hair but I think it's perfect for the winter.

This is exactly what I always ask my hairdresser but he never do it. I love the fact that they are human hair and I think it's important to make this wig more natural.

Check this link for more celebritywigs:

A kiss for you!

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Are you looking for a dress?

Hello my beautiful friends, as you can see I love discovering new clothes site for you. Today I want to show a new one called Amobridal. Here you find a lot of wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, formal dresses and wedding accessory. Every woman loves clothes and every woman loves shopping. I think it's an important side of our life and passion!

In this post I'll create a wish list for you on Let's start!

Scoop Gorgeous Sweep/Brush Train Sleeveless Beading Sequin Tulle Dress Darwin

Here is a scoop gorgeous sweep/brush train sleeveless beading sequin tulle dress darwin really cute. The corset is amazing and so bright. I think it's the most beautiful corset in this site. I love the crystal and tulle combination. It's so delicious with its wedding style. 

Earrings worn by the model are really beautiful and perfect for this outfit. I think it's important to wear accessories in keeping with the dress. A pair of earrings in pearls for example would not be suitable.

If you click on the link under the pic you can see the whole dress. It has a long and wide skirt. This kind of skirt doesn't highlight woman's hips because it's not a tight dress.

Which one do you prefer?
Let me know!

Wide or tight dress?

Hi everyone, how are you? These days I'm bored a lot and the only way to relax is to write on my blog. I love writing and I love discovering new and interesting sites. As you know I love the online apparel sites especially when it comes to wedding dresses. My favorite are wedding dresses site like this one:

Today I want to show you some dresses that I choose for you from Amanda Dress:

This is a ball gown floor-length full-sleeves backless tulle beading beach wedding dress. It's very romantic and perfect for all those women who dream of being princesses. It's crucial that the bride is the center of attention of her guests. 

The bodice is decorated with lots of crystals and it gives light to the bride. Being as flashy I recommend you wear a pair of silver simple earrings. The earrings worn by the model are perfect for this dress. My hair I also collected a lot because I think that an outfit like that should be enhanced.

If you decide to wear this dress it would be better to collect your hair in a ponytail. A dress like this has to be valued and not hidden!

As soon as I saw this dress I fell in love. I think it's one of the most beautiful on this site. It is simple and romantic at the same time. I love the corset because it light the body's bride and her waist. The crystals are perfect for wedding because every bride needs to be special! 

As you can see it's a tight dress but you know I love it and I could never wear a wide one. In my opinion it's ideal only for skinny girls. If you're not skinny you should not wear a dress like this one. You could look like a sausage and we do not want to be teased during the wedding!

The last dress I chose for you is long sleeves hollow all sizes natural classic & timeless church beach a-line wedding dress. I chose this one because I know that not all women love dresses with wide skirts. The dress wraps the model body and makes it unique. It is not always necessary to have a tulle skirt to have a beautiful dress. It's so beautiful and simple. 

I think this dress is perfect for all those women who want their wedding to be celebrated in a church. The breast and arms are covered. It's not a sexy dress but so beatiful. It has a delicate line and I love it!

Check this link for more Sexy Wedding Dresses Australia and let me know which is your fav dress!

Kiss for you :)

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Change your look with omgnb

Hi guys, how are you? In recent days I want to change my hair look. I think it's important to feel good about themselves and love each other. I'd like to completely change my hair look but I don't think I have courage to do it. A great idea would be to use hair extensions. I found a very interesting site called omgnb.

This site is full of human hair extensions and I love it! In this post I want to share with you my wishlist, let's start:

As soon as I saw these extensions I fell in love. I love model hair color and her waves. I think they are perfect together and take a summer touch to the look. Clip in Hair Extension are perfect if need to change your look in a quick and easy way. You can choose color proportions but I think the proportion like in the pic is amazing!

I always dreamed of doing the ponytail but I always had short hair. With these extensions you can have a gorgeous ponytail. The extensions are made of human hair, which makes it very realistic! You can choose the lenght and the color of your ponytail. Click on the pic for "how to wear".

Follow this link for more Human Hair Ponytail

Have you always want to color your hair in a crazy color? Here's how to do it with this Micro Loop Hair Extension. I love blue and I love these extensions! Aren't they cute?

A kiss for you baby! Keep following me ;)

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Birthday wishlist on Stylewe

Hi guys, how are you? September is ending and October is coming. My birthday month is coming. My boyfriend told me "Use this time to decide on what the best gift for you would be". Hey, I don't really know! Help me!

I'm sure this amazing sites could help me in this decision. 

In this post I want to make a wishlist. Let's start!

Ok, maybe this dress is so particular for you but I need it. I've been looking for a job and I would like to work in a fashion store. 

I think this black plain vintage could be perfect because I know the designer of this dress featured with ornate style, highlight sophisticated craftsmanship with elegant lace, bright colors and trendy floral prints. But first, I had to ace my interview and get in.

I'll wear a pair of black heels and handbag. Black is the job interview color but I think it's important to wear something comfortable.

View this link for more dresses!

If you're looking for a red shirt, this one is perfect for you. It's simple and elegant with a pair of black jeans or leggins. Fall's my favorite because I can wear shirts in every color. 

Red makes me think of Christmas and family's love even if what I like best about December are gits.

Sometimes I like to choose sporty outfits. Shirt and sport shoes are a perfect combo. Don't you just love casual Fridays?

In every post I pick up an elegant dress. It's an innate thing with women, it seems. Today I choose a red elegant plain strapless evening dress. 

I would wear it to all the finest occasions and romantic dinner with my boyfriend. 

Glamour magazine says every woman must own a long dress. You're with me on that, right?

Let me know which is your favorite dress!

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My wishlist on SherryLondon

Hi guys, how are you? I'm in Milan and my holidays are over. I spent two weeks in Rome and two weeks in Abruzzo. This year has been relaxing although the drama. The earthquake devastated some cities in Central Italy and there is sadness in my country. I have felt the earthquake and I got scared. I can't image the fear near Amatrice. Today I need to think about something light and hope in the future. 

September is the weddings month and womens don't know what to wear. In this post I want to pick up some prom dresses I like in a new site
I found an amazing site where you can find prom dresses uk with low prices. Let's start with my wishlist:

This is a perfect short mini a-line tulle zipper natural short prom dresses. I choose this one because I love blue color and you know it! 

The lace bodice is so cute and sexy. If you have heaving bosoms this one is perfect because it has no neckline and it is not vulgar. Oftentimes the short dresses have heart neckline and not everyone can wear them.

As you can see in the pic, the skirt is cinched at the waist and I love it. The material is tulle. It's so romantic and perfect for every body. 

You can wear it for a casual wedding or dinner with your boyfriend. 

If are you looking for more prom dresses 2016 continue reading my post!

The second one is a bateau neck short sleeved lace bodice pink dress. It's vintage inspired, elegant and pink. Pink is one of my fav color but I know didn't like pink at all. If you love red color follow this link for red prom dresses

The lace bodice has no neckline. The flowers are on the bodice are so cute in this dress. I think they give it a romantic light.

You can wear this dress for afternoon wedding. It's perfect with a silver sandals and a clutch. I think it's probably best wear a silver clutch. 

Don't forget to check out this link for more cheap prom dresses

The third one is this lace shethcoloumn crisscross strapless short mini dress. I think is the sexiest in this post. I would wear it for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. 

It's too short and too transparent for a wedding. Your mom may not be happy! If you want to wear this one, you have to have a resilient figure. The dress is so tight with lace and panted flowers. 

The bodice is really sexy and perfect with heaving bosoms. In this way you'll be perfect for your boyfriend or husband!

If you love black color check this link for more black prom dresses!

Which one do you prefer?
A kiss for you!

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Cheap prom dresses on Stylewe

Hi girls, if you follow me on my social networks you know I'm not in Milan. Since the beginning of August I am in Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. I'm discovering it every day and I love it. Wandering through the narrow streets I discover magic corners, worthy of a fairy tale.
Today I want to dream and to show you some wonderful dresses on the site

As usually I created a wishlist and I hope you like it!

It's an apricot short sleeve organza mini dress with bright colors. We can see pastel colors that light up the model face and give brightness to the model. 

The designer has chosen to decorate the dress with roses. The light pink color is the predominant color, probably the intention was to emphasize the purity and sweetness of the wearer. Organza is the perfect material to express this tought. The skirt is wide and not too long. Every woman can wear it!

Where can I wear it? I think it's perfect for a walk downtown with your friends. I would wear it with a pair of white high heels sandals and a white handbag.

This dress is completely different from the previous one. It's an elegant printed sleeveless midi dress. 
When you look at this dress you immediately think of the sea. 

The main colors are blue and light blue. Wear it and think of the movement of the waves, the breeze in your hair and sipping cocktails by the sea. I think this dress embodies all summer emotions. The pleated skirt can give joy and freshness the wearer.

If you are looking for a dress to wear for a drink with friends in a fancy restaurant, this dress fits you. Don't forget to wear a red clutch bag and a red sandal. Remember to have the same shade of red!

Check this link for cheap prom dresses!
A kiss for you